The Guarantee Of Salvation
By Pastor Denzil Vaughn


Read Luke 1:26-38; Matt. 1: 18-25 text Matthew 1:21

A: Introduction

·        Despite technological advances, improved medical research and ability to communicate to vast audiences man’s heart remains deceitful and wicked.

·        Daily, we observe and hear of our wickedness to each other and our despising of our creator.

·        When we seek answers to these perplexities we keep returning to God’s declaration that all have sinned, hence universal wickedness and death.


·        God continually reminds us in nature and in the bible that we must give an account for the things we do and face the terrible consequences.

·        We are hopeless because everything we do is corrupted by sin, which is natural to us. Mere religious work, regardless of the religion, is useless.

·        We must find hope in God’s declaration in the words of our text and similar scriptures. Our text tells how God guarantees our salvation from our sins.


B: The Conception Of Jesus

·        Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost, not by the power of man or nature. (20)

·        Jesus partook of our human nature, yet He escaped the corruption and pollution of it, and was not conceived and shapen in iniquity. Psalms 51:5

·        Jesus was conceived in David’s linage just as the Messiah was to be a descendant from David.  “Joseph, thou son of David;” Luke 1:32


·        The conception of Jesus was to prepare Him a body, as was promised him, when he said, Lo, I come, Heb. 10:5, Gal. 4:4, Lu. 1:42.

·        Jesus Christ was born of a virgin not only because his birth was to be supernatural, but because it was to be spotless, pure, and without sin.

·        Jesus was conceived in order to qualify to be our High Priest Hebrews 5:1.

·        The mystery of Christ's incarnation is to be adored, not pried into.

Eccles. 11:5, Ps. 139:13-16. Come let us adore Him!

·        The nature of the conception of Jesus qualifies Him to guarantee salvation to all who believe on Him.

C: The Characterization That Jesus Received 

·        Thou shalt call his name Jesus, the same name as Joshua, the termination only being changed, to conform it to the Greek. Acts 7:45; Heb. 4:8

·        Joshua means Jehovah is salvation. Two Joshuas mentioned in old testament

·        The first Joshua was Israel's captain, who replaced Moses and first led them into the promised land of Canaan. Josh 1:1,2.

·        Joshua had been called Oshea, but Moses prefixed the first syllable of the name Jehovah, and so made it Jehoshua (Num. 13:16).

·        The second Joshua who was their high priest at their second settlement in Canaan after the captivity,

·        Christ is our Joshua; both the Captain of our salvation, and the High Priest of our Christian profession, and, in both, our Saviour


·        Jesus is the Son of God, and the Mediator between God and man: for they shall call his name Immanuel; that is, he shall be Immanuel, God with us.

·        God incarnate among us, and so God reconcilable to us, at peace with us, and taking us into covenant and communion with himself.

·        Jesus is God for if he had not been Immanuel-- God with us, he could not have been Jesus-- the Saviour from sin and its consequences.

·        He shall be great, the greatest; for he shall be called the Son of the Highest, the Son of God who is the Highest; of the same nature, Luke 1:32,33

·        Jesus’ characterization qualifies Him to guarantee salvation to all who believe on Him.


D: The Commission That Jesus Accepted

·        Christ was that promise of a sign which God gave to king Ahaz .

·        Jesus was the promised seed, a descendant from David, the Messiah, of whom the prophets witnessed. Acts 13:21-39

·        Jesus, Joshua who comes in the stead of Moses, does that for us what the law could not do, in that it was weak. Hebrews 10:9


·        Who are ‘His’? “He shall save His people from their sins”, all who were given him by the Father's choice, and all who believe on Him. John 6:37-39.

·        Those whom Christ saves He saves from their sins; from the guilt, dominion, wrath, curse and everlasting misery in hell.

·        Christ saves His people, not in their sins, but from their sins; to purchase for them, a liberty from sins, to redeem them from all iniquity .

·        Jesus was commissioned to and did save His people. John 6:38,40, Rom. 4:24,25.

·        Jesus’ successful completion of His commission qualifies Him to guarantee salvation to all who believe on Him.

E: Conclusion

·        Are you saved my friend, or will you suffer eternally for your sins? Believe in Jesus because in Him, and Him alone, your salvation is guaranteed.

·        My brother and my sister, what good news you have to tell? Salvation from sin is guaranteed to all who believe regardless of classification.

·        Let us adore, worship and obey Jesus our Saviour who became incarnate on the first Christmas.


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God is interested in your future and has made appointments concerning you. These appointments are prior arrangements or eternal decrees, which God executes at the appointed time. These gracious appointments of God cannot be cancelled nor postponed.
Jesus' unique, supernatural and holy birth; His characterization at birth and His completed commission qualifies Him and Him alone to guarantee our salvation.
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